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Bumblebee Ceramic Handprints captures your child's, pet's and families' hand and footprints to create a keepsake for your family to cherish.  We use high-quality, non-toxic clay to take a detailed impression of the hands and feet of your child or beloved pet.  The print is then personalized, glazed, and kiln-fired to create a lasting ceramic keepsake to remind you just how precious your little treasures are.

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"I picked up our print earlier today.  It brought tears to my wife's eyes when the kids and I gave it to her.  we all love how they turned out. Thank you for creating these wonderful memories for us."
Henry, Alameda, CA

"We wanted to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for doing Alyvia's print for us!  It's absolutely beautiful and something we will forever cherish!  These little ones grow so quickly so it's going to be awesome seeing how tiny she was in years to come."
Monica, San Ramon, CA

"I LOVE the handprints!! The brown ribbon is such a great touch with the blue.  Great job and thanks again!  My family will be so thrilled...!"
Carolyn, Palo Alto, CA

Located in Walnut Creek, serving the Bay Area

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